Ceiling Grid

We carry a variety of acoustical wall and ceiling products such as Chicago Metallic grid, Armstrong grid and tile, BPB/Celotex, Conwed wall panels, and Tectum wall and ceiling panels

Ceiling Grid Description

Acoustical ceiling material is an easy way to get acoustical properties in your wall or ceiling, residential or commercial application. It offers easy access to electrical and plumbing accessories in your ceiling. Acoustical ceilings provide much easier access than a drywall ceiling, which has to be cut into to get to the problem.

Ceiling Grid Technical Data

Ceiling tile and grid can be purchased in non-rated or fire rated assemblies. Depending on the application, in commercial use fire rated systems are usually required to meet the building codes.

Ceiling Grid Types

  • Chicago Metallic Grid
  • Tectum Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • Conwed Wall Panels
  • Armstrong grid and tile

The grids that we carry can produce various size patterns and different facial looks. The ceiling tile is then purchased to accommodate the size and pattern style of the grid. Company catalogues are available upon request to choose your selection.